Emelia Jessie Boucherett
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Emelia Jessie Boucherett was a highly important campaigner for women's rights during the second-half of the 1800s, who lived and was buried at St. Thomas' Church in North Willingham. In addition to helping to found the Society for Promoting the Employment of Women in 1859, she also joined the Langham Place Group campaigning for improved rights for women, and acted as editor to the  Englishwoman's Review until 1870, having founded it four years previously. She was also the founder of the Women's Suffrage Journal and amongst her works were

Born in 1825 to Ayscough Boucherett (3rd) and his wife Louisa (ne้ Pigou), she had four siblings: Ayscough (4th), Hugo, Henry Robert and Louisa. Both Ayscough and Hugo died young, the former dying just aged 15, and when  her last brother died in 1877, unmarried and childless, the Willingham estate that had passed to him after their father's death now became the property of Emelia Jessie and Louisa. Because both women also remained unmarried and had no children, after they died the estate was inherited by the Boucherett's close descendents, the Barnes of Sotterly.

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